Proposition 47

Proposition 47, also known as “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act,” is a law that reduces certain low-level, non-violent felonies to misdemeanors on criminal records. Proposition 47 allows for the change from felony to misdemeanor for these crimes: (1) simple drug possession, (2) petty theft with value of $950 or less, (3) shoplifting with value of $950 or less, (4) forging or writing a bad beck with value of $950 or less, and (5) receipt of stolen property with value of $950 or less.

Persons who are eligible under Proposition 47 are those who are already serving a felony conviction for the five felonies mentioned. Persons who have completed a sentence for the specified offenses may also file an application before the trial court who sentenced them to have their felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor.

Not all offenders can petition the court under Proposition 47. Offenders who have been previously convicted of sex offenses, murder or attempted murder, assault with a machine gun on an officer, and other violent crime punishable by a life sentence or death are not eligible under the law. In addition, an inmate who is required to register as a sex offender under the California Sex Offender Registration Act is not eligible under the law.